S. Borek

By a silence heard but never spoken of
In a fragile moment of mortality
On the verge of breaking down and falling out
You will find a refuge in the dark

And we'll move
And we'll dance
And the ground beneath our feet will start to shake
As it tears
We will pay the price for a love not meant to be, yeah

By reality as it hits so fast you won't know
What to do when your number is up, the time is near
Won't you hold my hand when I start to slip and push comes to shove
It's going to hurt when we hit the wall


I'll be right there standing by your side
I'll be right there holding by your side
I'll be right there falling by your side

Synthetic Fantasy

S. Borek

Dug you out of a rut in the road
Found you stumblin' on the ground
All wrapped up in self examination
A show of smoke and mirrors all around

Living day to day, life can be so mild
It can bring you down, it can crack your mind
Won't you show a little mortality
And let your grip slip on reality?

Just ease back in your seat, child
Close your eyes, tune out the voices deep inside
Don't hold your breath
Put away your fears
And let me drive

Step on in and I'll help you live your
Synthetic Fantasy
Hide your dreams under lock and key in your
Synthetic Fantasy
No one will find you here
I'll keep you up all night in your
Synthetic Fantasy

I don't know but I've been told
A little dreamin' never hurt a soul
Take a step back from those ruminations
I'm your electric fascination

Your imagination's running wild
I'm gonna make you a spoiled child
Oh, tonight you look like sin
Come on, baby, now let me in


Miss Chameleon

S. Borek, K. Lindsay

Shattered glass
A dusty shelf
A lost reflection
No sense of self

Runs away she can't stay she can't stand to notice
All the things that she hates she would change if she could
In the faux comes the fact she can't be
Anyone but someone else

Hides herself as someone else
Changing colors like she changes her mind
An armored ruse to get her through
Another night another way to deny
She can't conceal the way she feels but she can tell you that she's fine
So Miss Chameleon, she hides

Paints her face
A ragged doll
Up and up
She builds her wall

Even she can't recall what it's like to be her
Empty shell, wears it well, think she likes to suffer
In the faux comes the fact she can't be
Anyone but someone else


When she's alone she feels the venom seeping in
Wishing she could change herself and shed her poison skin
But even though she's tried to like what she's betrayed
In the end she is to blame
She'll never change she wants to fade away
Fade away...


A Million Years

S. Borek

Hello, old friend
It's so funny to see you again
I don't recall
Was it last year, before the fall?

Come in, sit down
Won't you try to put on a smile?
Would it kill you to place a call?
It wouldn't have mattered

But it's so sad, so far to fall
The lights dim down for curtain call
Was it worth the price of admission?
Can't break the code on this transmission

I thought we had it all
Wrapped in velvet walls of our gilded halls
Deep inside a monster hides
But I'm so blind to its call

Through the cracked fa├žade
I see what lies ahead
It makes me live in pain and fear
So I'll just lay down and play dead

Please don't pretend
Your untruths bleed upon the floor
Was it worth the price of admission?
Can't break the code on your transmission

Do you recall?
The faded paintings in the hall
By the fire which burned so bright
Extinguished in the middle of the night
So dark it hid the candlelight
From a heart that shined sincere
We thought we'd last a million years

Frozen in panes of glass
Our memories we once so tightly clasped
Now lay in pieces across the shore
Casualities of a brutal war

Your tail lights glow so softly
Steered by lies on down the highway
Never look back at what's left behind
The wrecks that burn, leave them behind

So sad, so far to fall
The lights dim down for curtain call
Was it worth the price of admission?
Can't break the code on this transmission

Looking back how the years passed by
You shake your head, and you ask 'why?'
Remember those dreams we used to fly
Was there too much static to hear me cry?

Blow the dust off the picture frame
Am I ever going to see you again?
Not that face that's worn from tears of shame
The mirror says you're not the same


Illusions of the Mind

S. Borek

You're dancing
On a thin red line
You're flirting
With a mind that knows you all too well
Those little tricks and games you play
It's all about the here and now
I'll take it back my every word
Just give me back my peace of mind

You stole when you picked the lock to my heart
Just a footnote in your history book
Don't give me another doe-eyed look

Go on, get out
You got what you came here for (Illusions of the mind)
I've had all I can stand
The secret's out
No vault could contain (The stars in the sky)
Your plan sure was grand
Go on, get out
You got what you came here for (Looking out for number one)
Did you have enough fun?
Go on, get out
You got what you came here for (Illusions of the mind)
I've had all I can stand tonight

Take a seat girl
Have another glass of that crimson wine
Just relax, girl
The hero in your story he turns out fine
He's part protagonist, antagonist
His heart is torn in two
As you sit and stare through your eyes of glass
Paralyzed by your web of lies


Deep in the shadows you'll find
Fragments of comfort and joy


Something Golden

S. Borek, K. Lindsay

Our backdrop is a field so gray
I never thought there'd come a day
That would make me want to run away
So far away

And lonely is the chair so cold
And though I struggle against its hold
The vacant look within your eyes
Reflects your heart of stone

Don't leave this, hold me up now
Pull me from these tides of sorrow
Keep me somewhere safe from harm
'Cause I can't breathe, no I can't sleep
Break apart and be set free
Something golden's happening

In this war of bitterness
I've lost all sense of consequence
Such a pity, no remorse
I won't protest

You put my back against the wall
The lighthouse flashed a warning sign
Illuminate the path ahead
I'll rest my weary head


I see the hourglass at hand
I sit and count the tiny grains of sand
Though each day feels so bland
I know I'll find
A better place, another land


I know I'll find
A better place
Another land
Somewhere out there
A better place
Another land

The Great Escape

S. Borek

Round the corner, down the stairs
Heads tucked low, we're out the door
Don't look back there is no time
The heart won't listen to the mind

Hurry now, we don't have long
Feels like we're moving at the speed of sound
The voice inside wants to know where you're taking me

Lurking in the depths nearby
A shackled monster with a wicked prize
Be careful please don't take the bait
Just focus now, come on make haste!

They call it the great escape
Riding on wheels made from fear
Running in a fatal race
They're hunted down

Through streets run rivers formed from tears
Will they think to find us here?
Winding roads that lead us near
Challenges no soul can bear

This ordeal it's so obscene
No time to think the lights turn green
Pedal to the metal, won't you harden up your heart?

Run the reds there is no time
It's our best way out so we'll have to lie
No clear exits, nowhere to hide
You've unleashed the monster trapped inside


They call it the great escape
Running in a fatal race
They call it the great escape
Running in a fatal race
Running in a fatal race, they're hunted down


S. Borek

The day breaks as I slip through the fog
Retrieve my soul from the lost and found
Set out on a journey and I didn't look back
Now I'm comin' round, make some sense of it all

I said goodbye, while you say hello
It's cold and it's lonely and there's fire below
But I'll be all right, kick back and relax
Close my eyes get taken for a ride

It rains confusion as I look around
Swaying to the beat but we don't hear a sound
French 75s go down like wine
Take another sip you'll feel just fine
I can't help but be inclined
To take flight in this dream, don't know what I'll find
Down and low now, the beat gets slow
Basking in the rhythm of the afterglow

Get me off the dance floor
No I can't take anymore
(Just one more song)
Can't fight that intuition, it's using my addiction

To take advantage of me
And a situation gone too far
Pour me another liquid libation
Such a sweet, sad, sexy song


Take me back, in a time machine
Take me back, to the point
Where I said no
I'll take it all back tonight
Some things are better left unsaid


Out of Time

S. Borek, K. Lindsay

Hearts in different spaces from our minds that wander far
Down the highway we've rode upon countless times before
Driven by a force that no one could ever see
I looked away and the world began to turn

Just embrace the change
Come on, now, embrace the change

Sunset fades to twilight
Memories start to blur
Can't escape the hands of fate
You're running out of time
Moments in a photo capture words we never spoke
Then you'll find you're all alone and you've run out of time

Just embrace the change

The waves of time wash away the troubled past
Golden shores that shimmer with every twist and turn
That you never saw approaching without your crystal ball
I looked away and the world began to turn

Just embrace the...


They say things will never change
They'll stay the same
Don't ever change
Just stay the same
Please stay the same

Sunset slowly fads to twilight
Memories start to blur
Then you find you're all alone
And you've run out of
You've run out of